Studio N16 - Dance School

Dance styles for everyone

Studio N16 is the best place to be to have fun, get fit and learn some cool new moves! With Tap and Street Dance at its core we also offer Contemporary Dance and Ballet.We've got a great range of class options,with mixed classes and boys only classes available.

SN16 has now opened in and around Stoke Newington where 5 days a week we offer dance classes for children from ages 4-16. We also do dance parties where your kids can have a blast to their favourite tunes and learn some cool steps too!

NEW! Studio N4 is opening its doors at Skinner's Academy! Woodberry Grove-London N4 1SY-Monday,Friday and Saturday school -Contemporary Dance-StreetDance and Musical Theatre.

Dance and Drama for Boys. 

From your very first 'heel toe step to full routines and boys only performance ", Studio N16 caters for boys of all abilities and ages. So many small children love to learn tap and jump into streedance poses,and Studio N16 offer introductory classes for the little ones as well as more advanced classes for those who've learnt the basics.

We really want to see more boys enjoying performing Arts building their strength and skill and developing their talent -

We shall also be opening a Boys only Tap class for beginners on Thursdays 5:00-6:00 from January 2017.

Our dancing styles

Street dance and street fusion are two of our most popular styles but we are really keen and excited to promote SN16 as the school for learning and advancing your skills in Tap with our fantastic teacher Ben Simmons. At Studio N16 we're also dedicated to getting boys into dance and offer boys only classes as well as mixed classes so everyone can feel confident when they're learning new steps!

If you want to learn some cool new moves in street fusion, get your taps on for a show, fluff out your favourite tutu or just come and have some fun and a bit of a boogie - Studio N16 is the place for you!

About the school & teachers

Micha and Terry Blue started Studio N16 to give everyone the opportunity to dance their heart out! Our professional and inspirational teachers are dedicated to helping kids have fun and develop skills they never even knew they had.

Dance should be for everyone and enjoyed by all, so we aim to keep all our classes as affordable as possible with flexible membership and payment plans, contact Micha today to find out more!